Is the tobacco tax cheaper in Missouri or Illinois?

Answer The cigarette tax in Missouri is 17 cents per pack; in Illinois, it's 98 cents per pack, as of March 2010. However, the Illinois legislature is working on a plan to raise the cigarette tax to $2 ov... Read More »

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Where can I pay to pet a real elephant in St. Louis or Missouri/Illinois area?

Wait till summer. She can actually ride one at the Renaissance Fair.…

Can a person live in Illinois and keep their auto insured in Missouri?

Answer NO they can get there car towed away for doing that..

How to Become a Missouri Game Warden?

Becoming a Missouri conservation agent is not for the faint of heart. In addition to a college degree, the Missouri Department of Conservation puts game-warden trainees through an in-depth six-mont... Read More »

Lowest Score Needed to Pass Illinois Basic Skills Test?

The Illinois Basic Skills is a required test for anyone in Illinois who wants to be a teacher. Scores on the test range from 100 to 300. The minimum passing score of the test is 240, however passin... Read More »