How to Use Scattering in a Sentence?

Answer Scattering can be used in a sentence to denote a sparseness of a particular thing. The word scattering can also refer to the spreading of a substance at random within a specific area or the disburs... Read More »

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Seed Scattering Plants?

In order for a plant species to be successful, it needs to disperse its seeds away from the parent plant so that offspring do not compete with the parent and the species can colonize a new area. Pl... Read More »

What Are Protons & Proton Scattering?

A protons is a particle found in the nucleus of an atom, and it is the defining characteristic of an element. The proton is not an elementary particle, as it is made up of quarks. Discovery of the ... Read More »

Why are jews called jews?

Those who practice the faith of Judaism are often referred to as Jews, which is a plural noun. As an adjective, these same people are called Jewish. The "Ju" or "Jew" part of the words comes from t... Read More »

Laws About Scattering Human Ashes in Colorado?

Human remains are cremated at temperatures between 1,500 and 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Normally, the process takes two to three hours and reduces the body to ash and bone fragments. In the end, the... Read More »