What is a reference check?

Answer Many employers and businesses will check a candidate's previous employment and educational references before a hiring decision is made. Failing to check references can lead to unnecessary costs, ex... Read More »

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What Is MCP in Reference to Computers?

"MCP" is an acronym that can have multiple meanings in the realm of computers, depending on the particular domain. Its definitions range from a professional certification to a type of computer chip... Read More »

What Is a Payee Reference?

A payee is a person or entity who is to receive payment for a product or service rendered. For example, your telephone company is the payee for your phone service; your credit card company is the p... Read More »

What is a grid reference?

The term “grid reference” relates to a reference used in correlation with a map or chart that uses a series of numbers and/or letters to indicate locations on said map. A grid reference can be... Read More »

What are General Reference Books?

General reference books are sources of information that enable you to research different topics. Whether someone needs to know the meaning of a word or the migration patterns of pelicans, there's a... Read More »