What was the rate of teen pregnancy in 1950?

Answer 80 %

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In the 1950's what was the typical reaction to teen pregnancy?

What is the rate of teen pregnancy in the US?

Out of 100 girls, about 15 of them are pregnant. so 15% of girls get pregnant each year. 6million pregnancies a year and 750 000 are by teens.

How much did the teen pregnancy rate decline between 1999-2000?

The 1990s: A Decade of Declining Teen Birth Rates. The NCHS figures show that from 1991 through the end of 1998, teen birth rates dropped 20 percent or more in 13 states, as well as in the District... Read More »

Why do people call teen pregnancy a mistake today if teen pregnancy was common in the old days?

Answer Teen pregnancy in the "Old Days" wasn't taboo because most girls were married before they were 17 so it was common to start their family because large families were also common to help out o... Read More »