What was the program on bbc two that featured 2 virtual armies battling?

Answer 88.1 - 90.2 fm

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What was the children's program that featured a segment about creatures called 'hobbihars'?

While many people say he is a duck, Big Bird from Sesame Street is believed to be a giant canary. However, in one episode he makes a reference to being a condor. In another, he said he was a lark.

What is the powerful tool that makes the US Army unique with respect to all other armies?

What was that 1980's spanish children's show that featured a dinosaur?

What was the name of the show that featured the leading man that liked to draw cartoon characters He may have been an artist. He had two daughters and a young guy that may have moved in upstairs.?

as distinct from Cartoons- there were ony two regular tv programs- both situation comedies which were about the life and times of a Cartoonist. One was He and She and the strip he drew was called (... Read More »