What was the processing speed of the original Pentium chip?

Answer According to Intel, the first Pentium processor was released in March 1993. Two models were released, with processing speeds of 60 MHz and 66 MHz respectively. The chips held 3.1 million transistor... Read More »

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What does the pentium chip do?

The mix of acronyms, technical terms, and brand names can make computer terminology a confusing tangle for the uninitiated.PentiumPentium is a brand name for a line of CPUs from the computer manufa... Read More »

Who is the creator of the Pentium chip?

The Pentium chip was created by the Intel Corporation under the direction of a team led by Don Alpert and John Crawford. The Pentium chip is also referred to as the Intel 80586 chip, and was first ... Read More »

When was the Pentium chip introduced?

The Pentium chip was introduced in 1993 and was a 32-bit microprocessor used in personal computers. It is backward-compatible with earlier x86 chips, including 80386 and 80486 processors. The Penti... Read More »

What is a Pentium 4 processor chip?

Intel's Pentium 4 processor was one of its most radical processor designs. This resulted in impressive performance, but inefficient power usage and excessive heat generation eventually killed the d... Read More »