What was the point of "Teddybear's Picnic"?

Answer Its not a literal picnic with literal teddy bears but more of a metaphorical device by which one can express the dangers inherent in small things that may contrive to appear harmless when theyIS IN... Read More »

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Homemade Picnic Basket & Picnic Blanket?

Putting together a homemade picnic basket and picnic blanket is a fun way to celebrate the outdoors. Imagine sitting under a shady tree in your favorite park while sipping a glass of wine and nibbl... Read More »

What is the melting point and boiling point of lead?

Lead, element number 82 on the Periodic Table, is a metal that is a solid at room temperature. It melts at 600.61 degrees Kelvin (327.46 degrees Celsius) and boils at 2023 degrees Kelvin (1750 degr... Read More »

What is the boiling point and freezing point of gold?

Gold is a transition metal with a boiling point of approximately 2,807 degrees Celsius, or 5,084 degrees Fahrenheit. Its freezing point (and melting point) is approximately 1,064 degrees Celsius, o... Read More »

What food should I take to the picnic?

sandwiches, chips, veggies and dip, cookies, fruit, drinks...