Can you name a movie where the movie left big hole's in the plot?

Answer Oh as much as I love Minority Report- I do have to agree with you! Anyway, as well as pretty much all time travel films, The Sixth Sense. Bruce Willis' character doesn't know that he isn't a ghost,... Read More »

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How do i find a movie by plot?

Get Key PhrasesNarrow down several key phrases describing the plot. They should be basic and widely applicable. For example: "aliens" or "epic war story." Look for synonyms or alternative phrases a... Read More »

How do i find a movie based on a plot?

Get KeywordsNarrow the plot down to a few specific key words, covering the basics of the story. Look for widely applicable key words, like "science fiction," "slapstick comedy" or "historical roman... Read More »

Is this a good plot for a movie or story?

yeah it seems pretty legit. but if you want if to be good then you'll have to make it longer. Remember inform, entertain, and persuade. Make sure it has good grammer and is very detailed. If you ca... Read More »

What did Constantine do for history?

Constantine was the first Christian Emperor of Rome and was responsible for religious reformation and change during his rule. He outlawed pagan sacrifices and practices and played a prominent role ... Read More »