What was the outcome of bacon's rebellion?

Answer After Nathaniel Bacon died, his rebellion, which started in 1676, fizzled out and Governor Berkeley took revenge by hanging nearly two dozen men and seizing estates that had belonged to Bacon's fol... Read More »

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How to Stop Rebellion?

There are many factors that can cause rebellion in a child. Behavioral changes may stem from a lack of moral support from parents, busy parents not paying attention to their child, broken families,... Read More »

How did Bacon's Rebellion start?

According to American History group U.S. History, the roots of Bacon's Rebellion in 1676 can be traced back to treaties made by Virginia Governor Sir William Berkeley with Native Americans around t... Read More »

Can generation gap cause teen rebellion?

To some extent this point can be righteous but the main thing is not about generation gap and difference of opinions that cause teen rebellion. Teens of today's don't want to take advices and drive... Read More »

What happened after bacon's rebellion?

Bacon's Rebellion, which took place in 1676, was a protest against William Berkeley, Royal Governor of Virginia, who refused to protect colonial farmers from Indian attacks. Led by Nathaniel Bacon,... Read More »