What was the original name for the game Twister?

Answer Twister was at first called "Pretzel." It was released in 1966; at one point shortly after its release, Johnny Carson and Eva Gabor played it on "The Tonight Show," which led people to buy over 3 m... Read More »

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How many circles are on a Twister game?

The official "Twister" mat features 24 dots. The dots are laid out in a four-by-six pattern and are red, blue, yellow and green. The game was originally dubbed "Pretzel," but the name was changed b... Read More »

The History of the Game Twister?

Over 65 million people have played the game of Twister as of 2010. "The game that ties you up in knots" was introduced in the 1960s and became a popular party game for people of all ages. Twister ... Read More »

Who invented the twister game?

Neil Rabens and Charles F. Foley invented the board game Twister. They filed for a patent in 1966. The Milton Bradley Company released the game that same year and more than 3 million units were sol... Read More »

How many dots are on a Twister board game?

A Twister board has 20 dots. There are four rows of five dots each. Each row of dots is a different color: either red, yellow, blue or green. Each dot has a diameter of 6 inches.Source:Board Game G... Read More »