What was the of Responsibility of the Pharaoh?

Answer The Pharaoh was like the president now. But there was no other type of government, just him. Actually, he was more like Hitler

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What Are the Jobs of a Pharaoh?

The pharaoh held a position of high esteem and responsibility in ancient Egypt. Almost always the pharaoh was a direct descendant of the preceding pharaoh. Pharaohs figure largely into Egyptian ... Read More »

How to Draw a Pharaoh?

Pharaoh is an ancient word that means “Great House.” But it's a word that mostly describes the rulers of ancient Egypt. To draw a pharaoh, you will need to master basic figure drawing. Once you... Read More »

Who was the first Pharaoh of ancient Egypt?

The first Pharaoh of Egypt was Menes, according to the Egyptian Student Association at Colorado State University. Egypt crowned Menes as Pharaoh in 3,100 B.C. Menes went on to unify Upper and Lower... Read More »

Pharaoh School Activities?

When presented and taught in an engaging manner, learning about the pharaohs -- the celebrated rulers of ancient Egypt -- can be interesting and fun for students. Many activities allow students to ... Read More »