What was the nastiest thing you ever ate?

Answer I ate fried cockroaches mixed with some cow dung. Then I got skunk urine and mixed it with some raw dead rats in the belnder and ate my drink.

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What is the nastiest thing someone has said to/about you on Y!A?

Oh god, there has been a few and I consider myself someone who doesn't like to cause too much controversy...someone emailed me and told me my daughter looked like a platypus...then I had to embarra... Read More »

What is the nastiest looking color for a bedroom?

What's the nastiest restaurant you have ever eaten at?

This Mexican food place in Hinesville, GA that everyone just RAVED about. Well, everyone who didn't have a CLUE as to what great Tex-Mex really is. I took a bite of my enchilada, and it tasted li... Read More »

What are the nastiest things you've seen people eat?