What was the name of the web series where the protagonist wakes up and discovers he's the only person on earth?

Answer Yes, the CW network has already renewed the TV show "Smallville" for its 10th season. The CW network has also stated that the Justice Society will be appearing in a few episodes next season.

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How can one help a person that wakes up in the middle of the night gasping for air?

Yes -- utterly common, it's called sleep apnea. That's what it sounds like, unless it's something weird. (If your father was still having trouble breathing after waking up, perhaps that was a compl... Read More »

When was the BBC Series The day the Earth Turned Upside Down?

From the front bumber to the back of the cab. BBC = bumber to the back of cab.

What was the name of a 1980's sci-fi series about an alien looking for his people on earth?

episode 10 just aired last week (nov 19) but the next ep will not air until Jan 21. time for the waiting game =(

Where did Jack Harkness go at the end of the Children of Earth series?

That's what i wanna no cause he pushed his watch thing and went somewhere