What was the name of the song on mondays episode of 'Sarah Connor Chronicals' at the end of the show?

Answer yes there is (it is coming out to the UK June on sky one)

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When does terminator the Sarah connor chronicals season 2 start in England?

this is just my opinion but i would say supernatrual drama.Maybe real life drama, in my opinion btw.

What is the song that abby and connor kiss to in primeval series 6 episode 8?

No , each character is played by different actresses : the demon possessing Meg Masters is portrayed by Nicki Aycox whereas the character of Ruby is portrayed by both Katie Cassidy and Genevieve Co... Read More »

What is the song in primeval series 3 episode 8 that abby and connor finally kiss to?

Why was Connor MacLeod in the pilot episode for Highlander The Series when the first movie made in 1986 ended with him as the last immortal while the TV show had hundreds of immortals still around?

Because Adrian Paul originally was cast to play Connor MacLeod- but he talked the producers into letting him play his own character. So Christopher Lambert was asked to appear in the first episode ... Read More »