How to Make a Frankenstein Monster?

Answer Though not strictly based on descriptions in Mary Shelley's original novel, the square-headed, green-skinned Frankenstein's monster of the 1931 movie is an iconic part of American horror tradition ... Read More »

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Any TV shows where the Frankenstein Monster is featured?

here i found you a huge list…

What was the name of the kids cartoon with the baby monsters that had Baby Frankenstein in it?

What is the name of a summoned monster from final fantasy x?

Summoned monsters, a staple of the "Final Fantasy" role-playing game series, are called Aeons in "Final Fantasy X." The character Yuna can summon eight different Aeons in battle. These summoned mon... Read More »

How to Make Your Name Stand Out on Monster? is a job website where people who are looking for jobs can apply and upload their CV or resume for prospective employers to see. Since many people post their CVs on in hopes... Read More »