What was the name of the inventor of the CD player?

Answer The compact disc player, also known as a CD player, was not invented by one individual, but was a collaborative effort by Sony and its Sony/CBS division, Philips and Polygram, and was called the C... Read More »

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How do I make Windows Media Player 11 my default player and not Real Player?

Right click on any file you want to be opened with WMP11 and where it says Open With: Select WMP11 here....if that don't work find Set Program Access and Defaults, go to Custom. and select WMP11 as... Read More »

Explain difference between DVD player up-converting DVD player and blue-ray DVD player?

The introduction of high definition discs saw two formats launched. Bluray is one and HD DVD was the other. The format war was won by the Bluray system and HD DVD was withdrawn in 2009. Both Bluray... Read More »

Who was the inventor of pac-man?

Namco programmer Toru Iwatani invented the "Pac-Man" arcade game. Iwatani was inspired to create the classic video game character after seeing a pizza with one slice removed. According to Iwatani i... Read More »

How to Be an Inventor?

Being an inventor is fun, although it takes hard work, determination, and, a lot of imagination that seems to be so discouraged to anyone but little children. Think you have what it takes? Read on,... Read More »