What was the name of the inn where the plotters held their first meeting?

Answer The Gunpowder Plot, a plot to blow up the House of Lords to assassinate King James I of England, was hatched during a meeting at the Duck and Drake Inn in the Strand in London in May 1604.Source:Hi... Read More »

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Plotters & Their Types?

Plotters are special output devices used to produce hard copies of large graphs and designs on paper. Plotters are often used for the production of construction maps, engineering drawings, architec... Read More »

How many days are needed to call a special board meeting before an annual meeting for a Home owners association?

Robert's Rules of Order, is the generally accepted procedure for businesses matters such as these. There is an online version - see the link below:

Board of Directors Meeting Vs. Shareholder Meeting?

The Board of Directors of a corporation manages the corporation on behalf of that corporation's shareholders. As a result, shareholder meetings differ in a number of ways from Board of Directors me... Read More »

Can a quorum of the condo board have a budget committee meeting and not make it a regular posted board meeting?

Committee meetings and board meetings serve two different, though related purposes. The short answer is 'yes', a committee meeting is not a regular posted board meeting. Committee meetings are work... Read More »