Chocolate Cake Pineapple Cake Or Ice Cream Cake Which from this list do u like better for your Birthday?

Answer Happy Birthday to your mum :DChocolate cake :DOne time I thought I would have this cake as my birthday cake. My big sister goes and takes a slice of the cake before my birthday arrives :O lol but s... Read More »

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Banana Cake Carrot Cake Or Chocolate Cake Which do you like better?

What is a great recipe for chocolate cake?

All-American Chocolate CakeIngredients100gms unsweetened chocolate2 tablespoon butter, melted2 teaspoons vanilla extract175 gms all purpose flour200gms white sugar1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder1 teas... Read More »

What is a recipe for instant chocolate pudding cake icing?

Yummly has instant pudding mix frosting recipes at…As well as creamy chocolate frosting recipes at…

What are your keys to making a great chocolate cake?

I agree with the others, I tend to load it up, good chocolate, 2 types of cocoa, a bit of sour cream, real butter and a bit of real vanilla, I have real beans soaking in bourbon, I like this and a ... Read More »