What was the name of the BBC series that rivalled Pop Idol?

Answer most of the time they do

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What is the name of the bbc tv series that aired on wpix in new york in the mid 1970's that always had a mystery regarding a crime of passion?

It's called VCR and it's by a band called the XX. funny that, x marks the ballot box, the BBC are playing with our subconscious.

What is the name of a 1980's tv series about an antique store that collected items that had evil attached to them?

What was the name of a tv series in 90's that was about a girl that came from the future in diamond like time machine?

What was the name of the 1990s Australian children's sci-fi comedy series that featured a family that found objects and gave them special powers?

Answer Are you thinking of 'Round the Twist'? A family of three children and their dad moved into a lighthouse where strange things happened including objects which affected them. It was shown on C... Read More »