What was the name of the 90s kids show that had humans dressed as white dogs with brown spots on around the same time as Bananas in Pajamas?

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What was the name of the children's TV show 80's or 90's where a little girl was dressed all in white and had a white bedroom?

You're probably referring to the little robot from small wonder.

I watched this kids show ten years ago when I was 4 where adults dressed as cats and it always started with a scientist cat and what is the name of the show?

What are those brown spots in the white part of the eye?

Those are moles. You shouldn't be bothered. It's just normal. But they can be surgically removed if you want.

What kind of bird egg is white with brown spots?

The most common bird eggs that are white with brown spots are those from the house sparrow or the house wren. However, the house sparrow's eggs can range in color from white to pale blue or green a... Read More »