What was the name of Zakk Wylde's band in the movie"Rock Star"?

Answer Steel Dragon is the name of the fictitious band portrayed in the 2001 film "Rock Star." Zakk Wylde plays Ghode, one of the band's two guitarists. The film also stars Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Anis... Read More »

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What is a good band name for a emo, punk band?

How to Make a Double Star from a Rubber Band?

Want to show off to your friends that you can pull off making a double star from a mere rubber band? Well then read the steps below to see how to do it! Note that if you already know how to make on... Read More »

Is it ok to take a name of a band and use it for my band?

no you can get sued. Nirvana got sued my some old hippies who had a band in the 60s and they didnt release any records and still won the court case over the namemy ideas for a metal band name are a... Read More »

Star if u thinkthe naked Brothers band gets 2 much attention?

Anyone who thinks the Naked Brothers Band has talent, must not know what real music is. They have no talent at all! All they do is scream into microphones. I've hated them ever since they dissed th... Read More »