What was the name of TV show from 60's or 70's about a puppet or maybe an imaginary friend named Toby who lived in a tree and this was around the same time as Captain Kangaroo and The Uncle Al Show.?

Answer Food food and food.Probably because hes a chefs apprentice.Weird.

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Did captain kangaroo have a job on the show?

How do you get the show of Captain kangaroo? has a number of episodes on VHS tape .

What is the name of the stick figure on captain kangaroo show?

What show had a skit with a trashy Puppet who lived at a dump and ate garbage and would then freak out and puke?

Edit: It's been years that I've been looking for this and I've finally found it in part thanks to Gally B's question on Yahoo Answers (see related links). It's was on a show from the mid-90's call... Read More »