What was the most powerful gun of the old west?

Answer Rifle, shotgun, or handgun? The 10 gauge shotgun at close range would be very high on the list, as would some of the buffalo rifle cartridges, such as the 45-110. The .45 Colt revolver was possibly... Read More »

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What was the most powerful state in West Africa at the time of the arrival of Islam?

The kingdom of Ghana ruled over much of West Africa when Islam arrived in the region. Despite its name, the kingdom has no connection with the modern nation of Ghana. The kingdom of Ghana collapsed... Read More »

Video conversion better with more less powerful cores or a few more powerful ones?

File conversion is better with 100 slow cores!Good luck!

How powerful is the most powerful pain killer?

Actually, morphine was used for sawing off the legs.Many soldiers became addicted so much so that morphine addiction was called "army's disease".Heroin was invented to get people off morphine and n... Read More »

How can I get the waivers needed to get NBC east and NBC west and abc east and abc west and fox east and fox west with dish network or American direct?