Who was the most popular Irish person in history?

Answer It has to be Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Brought to Ireland as a slave in the 5th century A.D., he later preached and converted all of Ireland to Catholicism over a period of 40 yea... Read More »

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What is the most popular U.S. postage stamp in history?

The most popular U.S. postage stamp in history is the 1993 Elvis stamp, according to a December 2006 U.S. Postal Service press release. Stamp collectors have saved more than 124 million of these st... Read More »

What is the most popular passenger railroad line in US history?

There really isn't one "most popular" train or route, but here's some of the more popular/famous trains: Great Northern's (& now Amtrak's) Empire Builder, Northern Pacific's North Coast Limited, Ca... Read More »

What popular game show used the popular catch phrase Big money no whammy?

I think you mean can you install something faster? Well you could always make your PC faster. but just to make your installation faster there has not been anything found yet. No, I mean is ther an... Read More »

In the UK why is Coke more popular than UK soft drinks, and Mcdonalds more popular than fish n chips?

Because we try so hard to be American.Unfortunately, we, the Brits, have no culture, so we try and adopt someone else culture instead.I don't even know what we will do on the Opening Ceremony when ... Read More »