What was the most devastating extreme weather event in history?

Answer According to David Crossley, professor of Geophysics, the worst weather event in history was a global climate change. This happened around 3000 BC and had a great impact on the sea level, the Earth... Read More »

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How to Prepare for Extreme Weather?

Extreme weather can take many forms. Depending on your region, you might experience droughts, hurricanes, blizzards, floods or tornadoes. These examples of extreme weather typically happen abruptly... Read More »

School Projects on Extreme Weather?

Students find extreme weather stories, videos and pictures fascinating, providing teachers with a way to keep them actively interested. Studying these events gives you the opportunity to have stude... Read More »

How to Prepare for an Outdoor Event During Uncertain Weather?

When holding an event outdoors during a changeable season, it is important to have several options available to you in case something goes very wrong weather-wise.

Is there any kind of an engine blanket to help cars start easier in extreme cold weather?

There are "electric blankets" designed to be spread over the engine compartment (under the hood) and plugged in to an electrical outlet to aid in cold-weather starting. Other alternatives include e... Read More »