My son's computer shuts down when he play certain games, like "age of empires" what could be the problem?

Answer check the game requirements(like ram, agp, and screen resolution)screen resolution us the important factor becouse certain game are operated on high screen you can try to play the gam... Read More »

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What is the wood cheat for"Age of Empires III"?

To receive 10,000 wood in "Age of Empires III," type "" (without quotes) into the chat box. This cheat can be used as many times as you want during gameplay.References:Gamespot: "Age of Empires III... Read More »

What gets weed out of your system fast say like in 6 days?

Go to GNC and ask them what to buy. They sell stuff. Nothing at home will work. The THC is what they test for and it is fat soluable. Drinking lots of water will help, but it isn't anywhere nea... Read More »

How to Win in Age of Empires II?

Age of Empires II is the sequel to Age of Empires I, a bestselling PC game. Age of Empires II allows you to play 13 different civilizations, each with different unique units and architecture.This g... Read More »

How to Get Age of Empires 3 for Mac?

"Age of Empires 3" is a popular RTS (real-time strategy) game in which you lead a civilization through various time periods. The game is available for Mac OS X, meaning you can play the game on you... Read More »