What is the longest golf ball drive?

Answer On January 17, 2007, Henrik Stenson broke the world record for the longest golf drive. He hit the ball 721 yards down the runway at the Abu Dhabi International Airport during the "Swing on the Win... Read More »

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What is the record for the longest golf ball drive?

Mike Austin is credited with the longest drive in competition, with a shot of 515 yards on a par-4, 450-yard hole at the 1974 Winterwood Golf Course during the U.S. National Seniors Tournament. Per... Read More »

Who hit the longest golf drive ever?

The longest golf drive recorded was hit by Mike Austin in 1974. Austin was 64 years old at the time and hit the ball 515 yards. The second-longest drive of all time was by J.C. Goosie in 1988. Goos... Read More »

What is the longest golf driver?

Every golfer is familiar with the old adage, "Drive for show, putt for dough," but, for most, the driver--the "Big Dog"--still assumes more importance than any other club in the bag. Manufacturers ... Read More »

What is the longest driver in golf?

The longest golf club driver is 6 feet long. Manufactured by Divnick Golf, the Six Foot Big Stik Driver retails for $499. Advertised as 50 percent longer than any name brand ever made, the shaft is... Read More »