What is the longest you've ever grown your hair ?

Answer aaarrrrrr! had it down to me waist at one time matey.

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What is the record for the longest hair grown out of a human ear?

As of March 2010, the world record for the longest ear hair is held by Anthony Victor of India, whose hair grew to 7.12 inches from the center of his outer ears in August of 2007.Source:Guinness Wo... Read More »

In Grown Hair Reducer?

Ingrown hairs can form after you shave too close to the skin. They occur when the end of the hair is left sharp and enters the skin, then continues to grow beneath the surface. Soon unattractive re... Read More »

Remedy For In Grown Hair?

Ingrown hairs occur when hair grows into the skin, causing irritation and visible bumps. It most often occurs in areas that are shaved or waxed, though ingrown hair can appear anywhere on the body.... Read More »

How to Get Rid of In-Grown Hair in Unwanted Areas?

In addition to being unsightly and bothersome, ingrown hairs can become painful and inflamed. If not properly cared for, ingrown hairs can even result in an infection. To avoid additional discomfor... Read More »