What is the record for the longest hair grown out of a human ear?

Answer As of March 2010, the world record for the longest ear hair is held by Anthony Victor of India, whose hair grew to 7.12 inches from the center of his outer ears in August of 2007.Source:Guinness Wo... Read More »

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What is the longest you've ever grown your hair ?

aaarrrrrr! had it down to me waist at one time matey.

Do parents feel slighted when their teenage / grown kids do not reciprocate their thoughtful gestures & gifts?

Sky, love, you took the time answer my question about how to write a eulogy when my grandmum passed and actually teach me, a complete stranger who could give you nothing in return but a thank you, ... Read More »

Is there anyone else who can't blow dry their own hair ?

me too!i can't get the hang of it...the hair dryer just blows my hair in all directions...i decided to leave it to dry naturally and then straighten it, it's not too bad for you hair and it gets le... Read More »

Anyone ever washed their hair with Ajax or Comet instead of Shampoo?

I've washed my hair with Ajax brand dish detergent! I wouldn't recommend it unless you've got some amazing conditioner to use afterwards though. =/ As for the way! lol