What was the latest time you ever eaten?

Answer Pretty late.. like 3am on my home from the bars

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What's the latest time you ever eaten?

The latest I've eaten turned itself the earliest I've eaten: 4:20ish a.m.It was just a few days ago (work and college finals week really affect your eating/sleeping schedule).(((((Scooter)))))Been ... Read More »

What can be eaten if hungry all the time?

Make sure the carbs you eat are complex or high in fiber (obviously don't eat too much fiber or suffer bloating/gas).Helpful links.

I just tried Bao for the first time and they are AMAZING!! When are they traditionally eaten?

Bao like those you found in dim sum places are served and eaten in the morning where chinese families go yam cha meaning drink tea an occassion where family members gather together to drink tea and... Read More »

What is the latest time you decided to have something to eat?

Gah, mine was around 1, then 3, then 4, then 6.. i obviously was eating all night xD Yeah, i pulled an all-nighter :P