What was the last piece of fruit you ate?

Answer An apple a day keeps the doctor away! I'm a health fanatic so I eat at least five fruits a day; it's really good and better than junk food. The last piece of fruit I ate is a slice of very juicy pi... Read More »

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What is the last fruit you ate How often do you eat fruit?

I had a slice of melon this morning. I eat 3-4 pieces of fruit every day.

When you wash off a piece of fruit, like an apple, do you use soap or just water?

Good question! I always worry I don't wash everything off. Martha Stewart says to just use water, but you can use antimicrobial produce wash. There is some controversy over it. check out this w... Read More »

When did last have a piece of lemon in a drink?

last summer july vodka and tonic with lemon and ice.;

How to tell if the well on a piece of property is going to last?

Have the water quality tested for contamination: bacteria, minerals, ph, etc.To test for volume or the amount of water you will be able to extract without the well drying up temporarily. You need t... Read More »