What was the last piece of fruit you ate?

Answer An apple a day keeps the doctor away! I'm a health fanatic so I eat at least five fruits a day; it's really good and better than junk food. The last piece of fruit I ate is a slice of very juicy pi... Read More »

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When you wash off a piece of fruit, like an apple, do you use soap or just water?

Good question! I always worry I don't wash everything off. Martha Stewart says to just use water, but you can use antimicrobial produce wash. There is some controversy over it. check out this w... Read More »

When you take on a project at home is it done piece by piece or do you only choose projects that?

It depends on the size of the project.I always try to divide the project into smaller individual tasks. It is much easier that way.And if I run out of time on a larger project...I can pick it up wi... Read More »

I just lost a piece of tooth,what do I do with the chipped off piece?

put it unger the pillow with a note asking for half the amount u normally get as its only half a tooth see what tha fairy has to say lol xxxx

How to Build a Toy Car Piece by Piece?

Do-it-yourselfers enjoy making just about anything on their own. For those looking to make toy cars, making a toy car piece by piece is a project that can involve the kids, or even adult friends. T... Read More »