What was the last most delicious thing you ate?

Answer For last night's dinner, I cooked some tripe and onion in a creamy white sauce. I might be a bit bias, but I reckon it tasted rather good. With the tripe, I also cooked some orange mash (a mix of p... Read More »

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What is the best most delicious thing you have ever eaten!?

What’s the most important thing to do first when you find out last-minute guests are on their way over?

lol ... lots of answers but just wanted to get in on the action too ...I would say honestly say that not much is required for last-minute guests other than to make them feel as welcome and at home ... Read More »

What are your top 3 most delicious fruits?

What is the most delicious food made for Jewish celebrations?

1 - Hamantashen2 - Cholent3 - Potato latkas4 - Lokshin kugel5 - Kneidlach in chicken soup