Who won the battle of lexington during the american revolution?

Answer The Battle of Lexington, fought in 1775, was won by the British. After someone fired the first shot, British troops opened fire and killed eight colonists. The rest of the colonists quickly scatter... Read More »

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What Did Ethan Allen Have to Do in the American Revolution?

Ethan Allen is often called the "folk hero" of Vermont. He is known primarily for his leadership of the Green Mountain Boys in the siege of Fort Ticonderoga at the onset of The American Revolution.... Read More »

Who was John Paul Jones& what did he contribute to the American Revolution?

John Paul Jones commanded a fleet of several ships as they harassed British ships during the Revolutionary War. He won his fame for besting a British ship during a 1779 battle, despite his own ship... Read More »

What Were the Main Cities in the Time of the American Revolution?

During the American Revolution, the American colonies revolted against British rule. The war lasted from 1775 to 1783 and involved other nations and their cities than just America and Britain. Fran... Read More »

What did John Paul Jones love or care for in the American Revolution?

John Paul Jones was a well-known member of the Navy during the American Revolutionary War against the United Kingdom. He was known as the "Father of the American Navy." During the war, he loved and... Read More »