Â·What was the house you grew up in like?

Answer My dad died when I was a year old so we moved in with my nana. She lived in a terraced cottage. 2 attic bedrooms, my mam, brother and I slept in 1, all in a double bed. 2 lodgers slept in the other... Read More »

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What was the house you grew up in like Who lived with you What was your neighborhood like?

I grew up in a small three storey terrace. The neighbourhood was good. I could walk to school and the play park was across the road from where I lived.

I heard money grew on trees so i grew one?

If your name was Johnny Apple seed, the answer was yes. There's lots of money to be made growing certain kinds of weed...Well so I've been told.

Which novel begins with this ph'all children except one grew up?

Who grew the food for the first Thanksgiving?

Native Americans grew the food for the first Thanksgiving feast. The Pilgrims at the time could not provide food for themselves, so the Native Americans provided pumpkin and dried corn.References:O... Read More »