Guys: what are some fashions that you hate that girls wear?

Answer My guy friend sent me an email. I'll paste it:"Shannon, seriously, girls are becoming ridiculous. My sister went to the beach with her friends and wore JEANS. WHo wears JEANS to the beach?! And the... Read More »

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Guys, what do girls wear that you hate!?

GUYS: What fads that girls follow, do you not understand?

Girls, what do you think of guys that do their eyebrows?

i dont think its gay i think its HOT!idk what it is but i really lik it!!! =]answer…

Why is it that all guys like girls that have big boobs i mean i am a 40 d?

Since you are posting your question under the Computer & Internet>Programming & Design category, let me try to answer your question from a computer programming point of view. I would guess that th... Read More »