What is the center part of a flower called that is often sticky&makes seeds?

Answer The center part of a flower that is sticky is the stigma. It is located on the top of the female reproductive parts of the flower called the pistil. The stigma is sticky so it can collect pollen wh... Read More »

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What is the name of that old YTV show called with that ugly green puppet girl who called her dog Russer all the time?

What is the liquid in the eye called?

The first area of fluid within the eye is called the aqueous humour; it's a thick, watery-type substance located between the lens and the cornea. The second area of fluid is a transparent gel locat... Read More »

What is the liquid sap of rubber called?

The liquid sap from the rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensis, is called latex. It is a milky-white material that is made into natural rubber. Latex is the original source of products like latex gloves a... Read More »

Is there a liquid that will take the oil off of something (I need nonpolar liquid to soak sunflower seeds)?

Rather than go through all the trouble, why not simply eat sunflower seeds that have not been shelled? The only oil on those is the natural oil in the seed itself.