What was the forbidden fruit for Adam& Eve?

Answer In the Judeo-Christian story of the creation of man in the Garden of Eden, the "forbidden fruit" was an apple that grew on the Tree of Knowledge, explains the Catholic Encyclopedia. God commanded A... Read More »

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Which fruit is forbidden in many Asian hotel rooms?

Answer Durians The stinking fruit. During the riping process this fruit spreads a bad smell. This is so bad that in south-east Asia the fruit may not be taken into an airplane or hotels. The tast... Read More »

I love him but im forbidden to see him what do i do?

Answer see him and don't let your parents find out how old are you if your old enough alope and then your parents can't stop you.

What is "403 Forbidden" Google Search Error?

Error 403 can occur when searching on Google with any Web browser such as Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox. The error indicates that the browser can't access the Web page for a variety of reasons.

What do the lion statues in the Forbidden City, Beijing, mean?

The artifacts and works of art in Beijing's Forbidden City, the imperial palace of Chinese emperors for more than 400 years, include statues of guardian lions. They stand at the entrance of the For... Read More »