What was the forbidden fruit for Adam& Eve?

Answer In the Judeo-Christian story of the creation of man in the Garden of Eden, the "forbidden fruit" was an apple that grew on the Tree of Knowledge, explains the Catholic Encyclopedia. God commanded A... Read More »

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Which fruit is forbidden in many Asian hotel rooms?

Answer Durians The stinking fruit. During the riping process this fruit spreads a bad smell. This is so bad that in south-east Asia the fruit may not be taken into an airplane or hotels. The tast... Read More »

Peter is my brother-in-law Adam is my husband How do Peter and Adam related?

There is no English word to describe the relation of you and your brother-in-law's cousin's step-son. Your brother-in-law's cousin is not related to you, so neither is his cousin, and certainly not... Read More »

Forbidden site!?

Go into your Internet Options, and select 'Security'. Then under the 'Restricted Sites', enter the website you want to block.

And the FORBIDDEN word here is…?

We are the ignorant species that thinks we are more important than others. Something is wrong with the mentality of humans. Why is abusing a human more of a crime than abusing a dog and why is abus... Read More »