What was the first year of the in-tank fuel pump?

Answer In-tank fuel pumps were first introduced in GM cars in early 1972-73 and in other car makes in 1974. These submerged pumps replaced the mechanical pumps that were in all cars during this time era.S... Read More »

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How to Add An In-Tank Fuel Pump?

Just about all cars and trucks on the road have an electric fuel pump installed inside the gasoline tank. The fuel pump pulls gasoline from the tank and sends it through the fuel lines of the vehic... Read More »

How to Replace the Fuel Pump in a Gas Tank?

All late model vehicles use an electric fuel pump located within the fuel tank. An interesting point is that they are extremely similar in all cases. Many vehicles -- primarily domestic -- have the... Read More »

Installation of a Tank Fuel Pump?

The fuel pump is designed to push fuel out of the tank and through the fuel line to the fuel injection. When the pump fails the engine will not start. Replacing the fuel pump involves taking the fu... Read More »

How to Install an In-Tank Fuel Pump?

Most fuel-injected cars and trucks rely on an in-tank fuel pump to move the gasoline from the gas tank forward to the fuel injection system. The fuel pump hangs down into the fuel, which serves as ... Read More »