What was the first submarine made out of?

Answer The first submarine was built in 1624 by celebrated Dutch inventor Cornelius Jacobszoon Drebbel, who was known for building a perpetual motion pump and clock, as well as a water supply system, acco... Read More »

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What Class submarine introduced the all electric drive to the US submarine force?

How many us submarine sailors are there?

The number of active duty submariners is always a fluid number, being it's an all-volunteer service of the Navy. The numbers have always been historically small; the Submarine Force typically only ... Read More »

What is a class P submarine?

There were 2 types of P Class submarines, the United States' Porpoise Class, and the Royal Navy's Parthian Class. Porpoise Class The first true U.S. Fleet Submarines, the Porpoise Class boats (P-1,... Read More »

How do you know a submarine is going to surface?

In most cases you won't - there isn't any visual warning, and unless thermal layers near the surface prevent the submarine's Sonar crew from hearing a close-aboard contact, a submarine already know... Read More »