What was the first released on blu-ray?

Answer lcd watever

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What was the first music cd released?

The first CD ever produced was the 1981 album "Visitors" by ABBA, but it was not the first CD to be released commercially. The first commercial CD release was Billy Joel's "52nd Street." The album... Read More »

What brand of camera was the first SLR released?

As you are not specifically asking about 35mm SLRs the question gets difficult. The Kine-Exakta came out in the 1930s but used 127 Rollfilm. There are Thornton Pickard plate back SLRs on eBAY (see ... Read More »

What was the first Adobe product released for Mac?

The very first Adobe program released for the Mac was Adobe Illustrator, developed in 1986 and shipped in 1987. It was followed soon after by Adobe Photoshop 1.0, introduced in 1989 and released in... Read More »

What was the first film released on blue ray?

No, a blu ray disc needs a special laser within the player to read the information.