What was the first profession in history?

Answer According to Find Law, prostitution is the world's oldest profession. Although most places around the world ban this business, some places, such as Las Vegas, Nevada, have made it into a legal indu... Read More »

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History of Teaching As a Profession?

Teaching has transformed from a simple educational function into a complex profession. Teaching develops the minds of children and young adults, and prepares them to become worthwhile citizens of s... Read More »

What was the first genocide in history?

According to Access My Library, the first genocide in history was Carthage, 146 B.C. when Carthage was destroyed by the Romans. Racial, religious and cultural prejudices were all part of the reason... Read More »

What was the first US Army war in history?

The first war that involved the US Army was the war of 1812. The Continental Army fought against Britain in the Revolutionary War.

What was the first broadway show in history?

There is much debate as to what show can be considered the first Broadway production, as the location of the most fashionable New York City theaters has meandered a bit throughout the years. Even i... Read More »