What president was the first commander-in-chief of the military?

Answer George Washington was the first , since he was the first President. Article II, Section Two, Clause One of the US Constitution empowers the President of the US as the Commander in Chief. (Washing... Read More »

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What president proclaimed the first Thanksgiving in 1863?

While Thanksgiving was celebrated in the United States before this time, it was in 1863 that President Abraham Lincoln set aside a day each year in which the people would take time to give thanks f... Read More »

What do the secret service do if the president and the first lady want to get it on do they watch?

What is the first line of the poem Maya Angelou wrote for President Clinton's inauguration?

The first line of the poem Maya Angelou wrote for President Bill Clinton's presidential inauguration is: "A Rock, A River, A Tree." The name of the poem is "On the Pulse of Morning." According to B... Read More »

What comments did President Obama make about the US Supreme Court in his first State of the Union Address?

President Obama commented about their decision in the Citizens' United, (2010) case that had been decided shortly before his Address. In Citizens' United, the Court voted 5-4 to lift the campaign c... Read More »