What was the first police department in the U.S. and when was it established?

Answer The first city police department in the United States was established in Boston in 1838, but the first law enforcement agency was New York City's Sheriff's Office, established in 1626.Source:New Yo... Read More »

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When was the department of defense first established?

According to a MILPER message posted on the HRC web site the official release date is 0730 hrs on 08 APR 10. It also states that the prepositioned list will be available for download by authorized ... Read More »

When was the department of Navy established as a separate department?

The Department of the Navy was established on 30 April 1798. Note that there was a Navy during the War for Independence, it was established by the Continental Congress on 13 October 1775. That dat... Read More »

What Cabinet department was the secret service under when it was established?

My Guess the four Girl Knights, well we have Mata Hari, righr.

When was the treasury department established?

The Treasury Department was established on Sept. 2, 1789. Alexander Hamilton, who had long argued for a central national bank and who helped form early US financial policies, was the first secretar... Read More »