What was the first photograph of?

Answer The first known photograph was a picture of some farm buildings and the sky.

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What did the first photograph look like?

One summer day in France in 1826, Joseph Niepce took the world's first photograph. It's a photo of some farm buildings and the sky. It took an exposure time of 8 hours. No one's exactly sure how he... Read More »

What is the first spacecraft to photograph the far side of the moon?

First far-side images The Russian craft Luna 3 photographed the moon's hidden side for the first time on 7 October 1959, ten years before the first lunar landing. A total of 29 images were taken.

In what year was the first photograph of a living person taken?

Generally accepted to be 1838 or 1839, by Louis Daguerre. The unknown person stopped to have his shoes shined during the 10 minute exposure. If not for this, his presence, like everyone else in the... Read More »

What was the First advertisement with a photograph made in Philadelphia?

volney palmer was the first to create and advertisement with a photograp.