I need to know how to make a video out of video clips and music kinda like a youtube video?

Answer If you have a windows based PC you can do it with Windows Movie Maker!! Good luck!!

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How many gigabytes in a video Like say a 2 hour movie or a 3 minute music video?

You can figure approximately 4.7 gigabytes for a 2 hour DVD and around 10 megabytes per second for a 3 minute video, on average. There's really too many factors to consider, like full video encodi... Read More »

How to Download Music and Video in Firefox With Net Video Hunter?

Is Firefox your favorite browser? And do you like watching videos? Then this may be for you!

How do you add music and graphics to a video off your video camera?

just use windows movie maker (it is in every windows, if not download it from ).. its very easy , if you cant use windows movie maker, you can send me the video and the music as an e-... Read More »

I need some video maker!i want to add music from my player to video :/?

Hi Martin: You need to give us a bit more information, like what kind of computer (Mac or PC, and which operating system version you run) you want your video editing software to run on. Macs come w... Read More »