What would be your favorite Tom Cruise movie?

Answer A Few Good MenBQ - The Color of Money ?

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What jacket does jack harper (tom cruise) wear in the movie oblivion?

I believe jacket that was custom tailored for the film. There are places that sell the leather jacket featured in the New York flashback scenes

Who invented the first cruise ship?

Albert Ballin, general manager of the Hamburg-America Line designed the "Prinzessin Victoria Luise," the first vessel built specifically for the purpose of the recreational cruise. The ship was lau... Read More »

When was the first cruise ship made?

The first cruise ship was the S/S Prinzessin Victoria Luise, built in 1900. The ship housed 120 first-class cabins to accommodate only wealthy travelers. She was launched on June 29, 1900, and was ... Read More »

What was the first movie on hbo?

According to "HBO Soundtrack:Home Box Office 5 Years - Nov 1977 HBO Guide," the first program and film broadcast on HBO was "Sometimes a Great Notion." The film starred Paul Newman and Henry Fonda... Read More »