Has Oprah Winfrey ever acted in a movie?

Answer AnswerYes, quite a few, her first was.... The Color Purple in 1985 for which she received an academy award nomination

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What do you think is the most incredibly acted movie scene ever?

The deer hunter russian roullete scene in vietnam or the bonny situation.…Tv- sopranos tony n carmela fighting when she tells him she loves Furio n he fli... Read More »

Who did Hannah Arnold sister of Benedict Arnold marry?

she married john brown. Wuld've married this french man but Benedict Arnold (aka her brother) refused.He hated french men.

What color was Arnold's flip-out couch in Hey Arnold?

I'm pretty sure it was red. Not 100% positive though.

Who acted as Ben Hur?

In the famous 1959 Oscar-winning version, directed by Cecil B. DeMille, Charlton Heston portrayed Judah Ben-Hur.