How Motorcycle Mufflers Are Made?

Answer Most colleges and universities establish programs and partnerships with surrounding communities. University-community partnerships foster growth both on and off campus, as these partnerships can be... Read More »

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How Is Motorcycle Exhaust Made?

Motorcycle exhausts are outfitted with several important parts. Among them are the exhaust pipes, muffler and catalytic converter. As these exhaust systems become more sophisticated, greater design... Read More »

In general what's a better made motorcycle: Harley or Suzuki?

Suzuki and Kawasaki are the lesser of the jap bikes.Honda is by far the best built Jap bike with Yamaha as #2. Harley, Honda and Yamaha are comparable,with regard to quality, Suzuki and Kawasaki,... Read More »

What is the largest twin cylinder motorcycle engine made by Honda?

The largest V-twin motorcycle Honda has made is the VTX 1800 series of cruisers. The engine in this series of bikes is a liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 52-degree V-configured engine displacing 1795 c... Read More »

Riding Motorcycle to gun show today, If I purchace a rifle, whats the proper way to carry it on a motorcycle?

If your bike gets 50 mpg and your 4-wheel conveyance gets 13 mpg, you'll save about $30 by riding the bike. Weigh the hassle of hanging onto a rifle on a bike and possibly getting in rain and bugs... Read More »