Whats the best invention in the world?

Answer The toilet - imagine life without it!!!

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How did Granville Wood's invention help the world?

Granville T. Woods (1856 to 1910)--nicknamed the "Black Edison" after the famed inventor, Thomas Edison--is known for several inventions, most geared towards the safety and efficiency of railroad c... Read More »

School Invention Projects From Around the World?

Schools can be rich and creative environments for the development and invention of new ideas and products. Whether in inventors clubs or as part of a school-wide invention challenge, students inven... Read More »

How has the invention of ipod changed the world?

They help in education. Children learn from hearing, but usually tapes that are supposed to teach lose their focus. Cute songs and rhymes can be recorded and downloaded onto their iPods so they cou... Read More »

Invention Ideas to Better the World for a School Project?

To create an invention that will improve the world, you have to start by finding a problem worth solving. Think through the parts of your day that are the most tedious, difficult, costly or harmful... Read More »