Has an horror movie ever made you laugh.?

Answer yep ''Carry on Screaming'' funny all the way through ..

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Whats the best horror movie ever made?

Shaun of the dead(Land of the dead is also acceptable)

What's the FIRST horror movie you ever saw?

Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the old school one made in the 80s i was like 8 or 9 and to this day it still creeps me out. I also love horror movies.

What was the first claymation movie ever made?

The first movie ever made using the claymation technique was called "Modelling Extraordinary." It was a silent film created by Natural Colour Kinematograph Co. and released in 1912 in the United Ki... Read More »

What is the most terrifying horror movie ever?

i'd say ALIENS coz they really scared d hell out of me!