What was the first genocide in history?

Answer According to Access My Library, the first genocide in history was Carthage, 146 B.C. when Carthage was destroyed by the Romans. Racial, religious and cultural prejudices were all part of the reason... Read More »

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What is the history behind the Rwandan genocide is it still going on and was the CIA connected?

Answer The Rwandan genocide took place in 1994 it lasted for 100 days and aproximatly 10,000 people died each day. 1million overall. No, the CIA had nothing whatsoever to do with it.

How to Look Like Gem Genocide?

Please improve this article to meetCharacter Article Standards. Please edit, then remove this notice. Notice added on 2010-12-06. Gem GenocideHave you ever wanted to look like Gem Genocide? That sc... Read More »

How did the guatemalan genocide end?

The genocide in Guatemala ended whe the country's President Efrain Rios Montt was deposed in August 1983.HistoryThe genocide was part of a larger civil war between the Guatemalan government and in... Read More »

When did the Armenian Genocide end?

The Armenian Genocide was the organized killing of Armenians by the Turkish government. It began in 1915 and temporarily ended in 1918 due to the end of World War I. However, in 1920 the massacres ... Read More »